Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 23

OK - Done. I now officially relinquish my membership in Luddites Anonymous.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thing 22

I will try to keep up my blog but don't know where I'll find the time. I do appreciate being exposed to many of the 23 things. It is almost more overwhelming now than ever. Maybe at the end of each workday I give myself a few minutes to enter an idea, thought or suggestion. If nothing else it would be a goot diary of one aspect of my life.
I am pround of myself for geting through this and even finding some of the things fun and useful.
I've got accounts in Flickr, YouTube, Facebooks, Gcast that i will for sure keep using. I can committ to doing that.

Thing 21

Well, my question is how many social sites does one need. How many do I need, I guess. I do like Facebook but didn't get the 23 things Ning at all. Wasn't very easy to use. Did leave a message and did upload a photo except that I had to add extra downloads to my computer
Read the articles and while it all sounds interesting, once again, when you work for a county library system and cannot DO any of these things with our weboage it is a bit frustrating.\I liked Fuzzster but it seemed silly. 43 Things was a bit self-indulgent. What's on My Bookshelf looked complicated. An interesting barter system but why not just use the library!.
All in all I will probably continue to use my Facebook page and keep that up to date. Maybe.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thing 20

Wow, I'm on Facebook. Never imagined it. Thanks to 23 things for getting me started. I invited some friends to join and while I was still in my account one actually did.
I joined the ALA group.
Also looked for relatives since I have something of an unusual last name. We'll see if I connect with any long lost relatives.
We actually have a DCL MySpace page but no one ever has the time to keep it up to date so now it's pretty lame-o. Love Denver's. And, of course, Hennepin's is always better than any of the rest of us here in the Twin Cities.
Cool thing. Two thumbs up.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 19

Podcasting - Gcast - who knew. Love this but will have to think about this for a while and come up with ways I might use this.

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I also tried the MN Public Radio Podcast on Animal Language that I missed earlier this week.
Podcast Alley - interesting - more stuff to waste my time. This looks pretty easy to do, but can't at the moment think how/when I would use it. It's good to know about tho. It was good because it had a way to search by subject. Yahoo didn't, at least that I could see. Strange.

I really will have to think about how I can use this myself. It's so fun and easy!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

THing 18

Love this Youtube video - "Medieval Help Desk"

Also, here is my own video of my darling Gidget.

I enjoy using YouTube and it has inspired me to try my hand at movie making. I have a long ways to go!!

Thing 17

Well, I "created" a webpage using EBSCO page composer. It was not clear to me at all how it actually becomes a webpage. I was able to add text, photos, search box, articles, etc. and could download to my computer, but what exactly makes this a web page.
I could see where this would be useful in an assignment or a specific subject area, IF it could actually be seen as a webpage on the INternet.
I also investigated NetLibrary. I have an account but have not used this resource much. This helped to understand some of the features. I love the Notes. ALthough I would not use this much I will definitley recommend it to library customers.